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Welcome to the municipality of Smedjebacken!

Photo: AM Kraft

Photo: AM Kraft

Smedjebacken is centrally located in Sweden in the southern part of the district called Dalarna. A location close to the successful regions of Mälardalen and Stockholm only two ours journey by car from Stockholm/Arlanda.We are proud to believe that we have "the nearest wilderness of Europe". You have the opportunity to experience a fantastic nature with 500 lakes, wild animals, like moose, bears, wolves, lynx and roe deer among others.

The municipality has 10 826 (30/6-2016) inhabitants and the two largest towns are Smedjebacken and Söderbärke that houses most of the inhabitants.

The history of Smedjebacken

is strongly related to iron ore mining and it´s different processes. Iron ore mining started as early as the 12 th century in the region and ore was melted into pig iron.The municipality of Smedjebacken is a part of the Ecomuseum Bergslagen, which is a network in the provinces of Dalarna and Västmanland where six municipalities and two provincial museums are collaborating in cherishing our common industrial history.In 1990 Smedjebacken became one of the first Ecological Municipalities in Sweden.

This means that the community is striving to be one with nature and more economical with natural resources and with consumer habits.Since 2006 the municipality of  Smedjebacken is also certified as a Safe community bases on the criteria of WHO.

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Municipality of Smedjebacken

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