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Child and education administration

Our preschool activity, leisure-time centre and the schools of today are distinguished by high quality and it permeates the whole spirit and activity.What unites, preschool activity, after-school centre and the schools of today is  the child it self. The child´s human resource, development, it´s overall picture and it´s learning,The concentration in all areas about children´s activity in Smedjebackens municipality is to have an overall picture about children´s healthy prospect for development and learning.

In Smedjebacken we have ten preschools, seven leisure-time centers, and seven family daycares. We also have eight six-year compulsory schools and two senior level of the nine-year compulsory school for children aged 14-16.

The preschool´s, leisure-time centers school´s work closely together with our pupils health centre.

Administrative manager Maria Ronsten
Phone number: +46 240 66 02 10


Upper secondary school

VBU (Västerbergslagens Centre for Education), an upper secondary school (in Swedish: Gymnasium)is a union and collaboration between the municipalities of Smedjebacken and Ludvika.

The centre is in charge of the upper secondary school in the region and in Smedjebacken there are three different programs located with focus on the following main subjects: Childcare, Healthcare and Restaurant and cooking.
For more information:
Phone numnber: +46 240 865 01


There is also a college located in Ludvika and in Borlänge/Falun called Högskolan Dalarnalänk till annan webbplats. Högskolan Dalarna is one of Sweden´s more recent universities established in 1977.

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Child and education administration
Maria Ronsten
Administrative manager
Phone: +46 240 66 02 10

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