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Companies - Industries

In Smedjebacken you will find a variety of business, from sole traders to larger enterprises. There are steel and engineering industry is the dominant industry in the municipality. The services sector is well represented with many companies in different industries. There a around 1100 different companies registered in Smedjebacken.  

The largest company is in the steel industri — Ovako Bar ABlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster,  with a total of 600 employed and out of these there are 400 in Smedjebacken.

The sawmill-/timber-industry are also represented in Smedjebacken. Even the tourism is a large industry. We also have a good IT infrastructure in our municipality.

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Trade and industri authority
Lennart Silfverin
Chief industrial officer

Phone: +46 240 66 01 30

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