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Environment and construction

The Committee

The Local Environment- and Housing Committee is the political committee that make decisions about environmental- and health safeguard issues as well as matters in regards of construction. The committee makes subsidies for housing adjustments. The Local Environment- and Housing Committee consist of 9 members and 9 substitutes.

The office

There are twelve co-workers in the office that perform a various number of tasks such as:

Processing matters regarding protection of the environment, private sewage drain, chemical supervision, waste products, radon, radiation protection, food control, nature care, animal protection and other health related issues.

Coordinate the local environmental planning.

Give advice about energy to the public as well as owners of smaller businesses.

Process building permits, construction notifications, checking ventilation installations and process requests for subsiding housing adjustments.

Perform the tasks the municipality has to do in regards of measuring and mapping.

Establish a general plan for the whole municipality and detailed plans depending on new construction, change of use or building regulations.

Maintain all administrative handling of permits and permissions, area plans and property questions.

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Environment- and Construction Committee

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