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Social welfare services in the municipality of Smedjebacken

Social welfare services have the ultimate responsibility for the people in the area and have to make sure everyone gets the support and help he or she needs. In the Social Services Act there are rules about what rights a citizen has to acquire financial assistance and social support. That could for example be financial support, getting a contact person, foster care, addiction treatment, a place in a special needs housing, daytime activities, relief and rehabilitation, personally assistance, home-help service, transportation service or a place in a sheltered housing.

According to the Social Services Act the city has a particular responsibility for certain groups:

  • Children and youth
  • Citizens with addiction problems
  • Senior citizens
  • Disabled citizens
  • Relative caregivers
  • Crime victims

The social welfare services are divided into three different departments:

  • The Individual- and family care unit
  • Elderly- and disabled care
  • Department for efforts taken according to the law about support and services to disabled citizens

Social welfare services are lead by head of administration Elisabeth Zimmer
Phone number +46 240- 66 03 30

The Social Welfare Board is the political committee to the social welfare services.
Monica Forsgren g is the President of The Social welfare Board.
She can be reached on following phone numbers: +46 240 66 02 79

More information in English about The Social Services Act can be found on the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare´s webpage.

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The Social Welfare Board
Monica Forsgren
President of The Social welfare Board
Phone numbers: +46 240 66 02 79

Social welfare services
Head of administration

Elisabeth Zimmer
Phone number +46 240- 66 03 30